For 25 years Erica has helped people and organizations in the fintech space identify growth opportunities and execute strategies to capitalize on them. She frequently identifies gaps between a group's goals and current actions, and is equally at home charting a better path forward, executing change initiatives, and developing people’s capacity to achieve more than they thought possible.  

Erica is head of North American business development and serves on Ingenico, a Worldline brand's, North American operating committee, where she leads the company’s digital transformation efforts across the United States, Mexico, and Canada. She is responsible for ensuring that Ingenico’s clients remain at the cutting edge of customer interaction. As the payments ecosystem enabler, Ingenico’s channel partners can trust that they have a reliable partner, whether they are a bank, acquirer, payment gateway, ISV, ISO, payment facilitator, or all of the above.  

Beyond work, meditation has been a powerful tool in Erica’s life to create stronger focus, deeper presence, and more sustainable energy on a daily basis. Having been certified to teach meditation by the Chopra Center in Carlsbad, California, she enjoys helping others develop a meditation practice of their own. Learning to meditate helps people reconnect with their innate sense of creativity, reduces stress, improves workplace engagement, and develops a stronger sense of community. 




Erica Eby
Head of Business Development, North America